The Importance of Stewart Cowley

Few authors have inspired more entertaining science fiction models over the years than Stewart Cowley. Familiar builders like Stafford, nnenn and Ocean have all been influence by his work, including yours truly. Cowley’s short lived series of four illustrated books, the Terran Trade Authority, were published from 1978-1980 and featured inspiring concept art from a number of different sources. The latest microscale model by Dan Efran (Erunaamo) was inspired by a TTA painting called Proximan K13 Sharks by British artist Angus Mckee. The builder effectively captures the spirit of the source material.

Proximan K13 Sharks

I’m also going to throw in a K13 Shark by Shannon Ocean, because weekends were made for Shannon Ocean.


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  1. Erunaamo

    It was Shannon Ocean’s awesome K13 that prompted me to finally attempt a literal rendition of a classic TTA scene, so it’s great to see them here together. The TTA books have certainly been a major inspiration and influence for me.

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