At the garage

This is one of the coolest scenes I’ve come across in a long time. The build is clever the minifigs are perfect and the presentation is impeccable. The builder of this slick diorama is -derjoe-, and he has a new book for sale called Joe’s Garage that highlights his meticulous work.

At the garage

For the record, -derjoe- did not ask me to promote his book, TBB does not specifically endorse it and I’m not providing a direct link. Savvy consumers will find their way to the book if they are motivated.

EDIT (AB): Actually, it took me a bit of poking around to find it, so I’ll make things a bit easier for our readers who are interested — LEGO: Joe’s Garage is available from third-party sellers on

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  1. Minifig-man

    I thought the cover of the book seemed familiar. I had it in my wishlist for some time with the title: Build Your Own Lego Vehicles.

    Is that the European version?

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