Gulf Porsche 917

Flickr user bobalexander! has not only built a car with a very non-LEGO shape, but he has done so in a very tricky colour. Even with the limited parts availability of Maersk blue, the iconic shape and colouring of this classic racer are perfectly captured.

Gulf-Porsche 917 (1970 spec)

We had previously featured Malte Dorowski’s 917, and it is always neat to see the different tactics taken by builders on the same source material.

Be sure to click through all of the photos to see the details and working components of Bob’s build.

2 comments on “Gulf Porsche 917

  1. Ralph

    ^This is not a model you can go and buy somewhere. It’s probably a bit of a long shot, since I don’t think there are too many builders who are willing to sell MOCs, but you could try contacting bobalexander (the link to his flickr stream in the post) to see whether he’d be willing to part with it.

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