The mini modern homes of Zaberca

Zaberca Architecture is a firm committed to design excellence and sustainable building practices. Founded by zaberca in 2007, the firm endorses a contextual and purpose driven design philosophy which focuses on the process of design, rather than heroic architectural gestures, or specific stylistic expressions. Following an in depth analysis of context, climate and vernacular forms, the architectural firm’s projects are reflective of the client’s vision and offer environmentally sensitive solutions for a variety of situations.

Mini Modern Residence 2

With a collaborative approach to the design process, Zaberca Architecture emphasizes a dialogue with clients and consultants from complimentary disciplines to ensure a project’s multidimensional success. The arcchitectural firm is committed to producing quality projects that become one with their natural settings. With keen attention to material selection, Zaberca architecture’s buildings embody a language that weaves together the traditional and the modern, the natural and the built as well as the indoors and the outdoors.

Mini Modern Residence 3

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