70708 Hive Crawler [Review]

70708 Hive Crawler is the largest insect vehicle from the Galaxy Squad line. It will be released in June of this year and contains 560 pieces priced at $59.99.

Here is my summary of the highlights of the set, which are elaborated in the review videos of the parts and the model.


  • The crawling legs are an awesome play feature.
  • The catapult is well-designed and fun to launch.
  • New parts include the transparent pink pods, insect spawns, olive 1×2 curved slopes, and new/hard-to-find lime green and dark red parts.
  • Sleek speeder design.


  • Only 3 minifigs included and none are unique to the set.
  • Colors look jumbled on the insect, I’m not a fan of the design of the middle section.

Overall, the Hive Crawler is a surprisingly fun set to play with despite not having the best looks. It is also a great parts pack for sci-fi builders with a satisfying array of new elements. Similar to other Galaxy Squad sets, it falls short in the number of minifigs included although it is the cheapest set to get the new 4-eyed alien commander. It is not a bad buy at $60, especially if you want to start building with the new parts right away or can’t wait to have a crawling menace to combat the space marines.

6 comments on “70708 Hive Crawler [Review]

  1. AK_brickster

    The tapping sound that it makes as it “walks” is delightfully satisfying.

  2. Eklund

    Great review, Nannan! It was a good idea to split up the video into two parts. I am stunned at the walking feature on the Crawler. It is one of the coolest play features I have seen in Lego set.

  3. Nannan Post author

    There are indeed 2 dark tan slopes, I never knew this is the first time Lego made it in dark tan.

  4. jimmythefly

    Nice review.

    Personally, I feel like the number of minifigs is fine. Every time a set contains a bunch of figs, I always thing “those pieces/dollars could have gone towards more bricks”.

    I’ve got a drawer full of figs, and I never run out of them*, but I do run out of certain bricks all the time, partly because they’re so versatile (as opposed to fig torsos, which, with limited exceptions, are pretty much just fig torsos).

    *Not valid if Blacktron I

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