“Three hundred against ten thousand!”

I can’t think of another licensed theme that has inspired more epic dioramas than Lord of the Rings. You can add one more to the list with GOEL KIM’s interpretation of the battle of Helm’s Deep. The builder doesn’t have much to say, other than the diorama is 90% finished and contains 1700 minifigs. I deliberately selected this photo because although many of the others show the grandeur of the diorama, they also show the garage. It’s a nice garage, I have nothing against it, but it does detract from the grandeur of some of the long-shots. The size of the project makes it inherently difficult to photograph, and I’m sure the final presentation will be improved, but fans of LOTR should enjoy the rough-cut nonetheless.


4 comments on ““Three hundred against ten thousand!”

  1. Angeli

    the creator could post a link to the high res pictures, if he has them online :)

    I love builds that are this massive :) Especially when they have some kind of mood, like this one :)


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