Bionicle Lives!

Even though the product line died out in 2010, there is still a determined tribe of builders who keep the flame alive. Case in point is this fine bio-mechanical death-knight from Bio Master. The model is a kick-ass fusion of System, Bionicle and Hero Factory components, and some top-notch photography by the builder really makes the trans-red accents stand out.


3 comments on “Bionicle Lives!

  1. Syruss

    I was a pretty big fan of the first few runs, although I never really tried my hand at building anything other than the sets themselves. The connections were to foreign compared to what I was used to. I have to say, though, that having been cancelled has really cut down the number of MOCs I see online, but the dedicated few that are left constantly impress me with what they manage to build with the elements.

  2. Lewi

    Y’know, it’s great and all that you’ve blogged this creation – It’s a really nice use of HF and some BIONICLE, and definitely looks the part.

    But c’mon TBB… ‘Bionicle Lives’? There have been MOCs on the same level as this – if even better – popping up for the past three years, and yet you’re announcing it as if it’s only just jerked back into existence. There are some really talented MOCists and some really astounding creations coming from the BIONICLE fandom, but TBB seems to forget all about this fact because of their little bias they’ve developed. Seriously, you should nip around to the BIONICLE groups on Flickr some time. I’m sure you’ll find something to blog.

  3. Keith Goldman Post author

    ^Ok Mr. Bitterman, you don’t like the title, that is 100% on me, so my apologies if it offended you, or caused you to get excited that the product line was returning only to have your hopes dashed. The builder didn’t provide a title for his model and I had to come up with one. In retrospect I probably could have come up with a better title like “Cool Bionicle Death Knight!” or “Bionicle is still dead but this is awesomesauce!”, but the 70’s slogan “Frodo Lives!” was stuck in my head.

    As for TBB having a bias against Bionicle, I’m just not having it. I used to believe in some of the grand TBB conspiracies before I joined the blog, but this is more of a loose association of independent contractors than a secret cabal. I give you credit for actually commenting on the model though, most of our critics ignore the subject of the posting all together.

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