Rubber Ducky

While my own eyes are pulled more to the tugboat, Schfio‘sLEGO x Rubber Duck Project” is clearly all about the duck. And you can’t argue with Sesame Street.


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  1. stevethesquid

    I question why this was blogged here, I personally don’t think it lives up to the high standards here. I’m familiar with Schifio’s work, and it’s just lego sculpture; there’s no complicated technique or elegant simplicity, instead all his mocs are made in exactly the same way, which in my mind is as bad as uncustom mocs.

  2. Chris

    Stevethesquid: I might agree with you if this were simple studs-up sculpture, but Schfio’s models are all studs-out, and anyone who claims that’s a piece of cake to do has clearly never tried it. It may not be the hardest thing to do with LEGO, but it’s far from a beginner technique.

  3. Eric at A Lego A Day

    I would be very interested to see an example of Steve’s work. Sounds like someone is upset they haven’t been blogged here. This is a clever build. It’s a 1:1 scale clever build of an almost universally recognizable object. It’s his style. I bet this was a very challenging construction.

    Keep blogging what YOU guys want to blog. Don’t listen to the noise. You guys rock!

  4. stevethesquid

    I’m not frustrated with not being blogged; I’m certainly by an elite builder, and anyway bionicle rarely gets blogged here.

    Since I’ve never even had enough of a color to make a Lowell sphere, I’ll have to trust that this kind of sculpture is tougher than I thought.

  5. gambort Post author

    ^ Not only is it quite a good example of studs-out sculpture (which we’ve certainly blogged before) but it looks nice. And I’d blog two 2×4 bricks stacked on top of each other if they looked nice.

    Technique is what you use to get the effect you want.

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