When your brightly colored pointy spaceship breaks down on the side of the intergalactic superhighway and you’re not even sure where the gas-cap is, don’t panic, just call THEO. Brought to you by TBB newcomer Galaltek, the THEO series of space-tugs can get you out of a jam in no time flat. I really enjoyed the use of TIREs, which according to the builder, stands for “Totally Integrated Repulsion Emitters” for safe pushing of space freighters or barges. Enjoy this microscale delight.

THEO Series Space Tug: Bow View

4 comments on “Call THEO

  1. Octopunk

    Good find, Keith. I seem to remember a recent call for more diversified civilian spacecraft. This fits the bill nicely.

    Although I mostly lurk, I’ve been digging your continued proliferation of posts on TBB. Please keep it up.

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