More than meets the Starfighter

F1-3s Gannet TSFThis all started with an email from Peter Morris a few months back which basically said that we should really be building starfighters that transform. Coincidently I had been thinking about the same thing for some time already, especially since I had tried several times in the past to do it. Any attempt I did make either ended in failure, or resulted in a model that was too delicate and fiddly to actually play with. And in my house LEGO that can’t actually be played with has no place. So with Peter’s kick in the pants incentive I figured I would give it a shot. But this time I was going to make it overly simple (is that even a thing?). I didn’t want complicated transformation sequences, and I didn’t really care to hide the fact that it transforms when in fighter mode.

This was an incredibly fun build, and one that was a hoot to develop…also totally got the kidlets in on the brainstormin’. The end result is incredibly satisfying to both swoosh and transform.

F1-3s Gannet TSF

I already have ideas and prototypes for other transforming builds…a tank is in the works and I have ideas for aircraft and other assorted vehicles as well.

5 comments on “More than meets the Starfighter

  1. si-mocs

    So Mr. Sci-Fi trendsetter – what shall this new Transforming Robotic Starfighter fad be called?


  2. Tromas Post author

    @ Mr. Prime – Fully intentional. I have wanted to build something with Galvatron’s colour scheme for some time now, figured this was the perfect excuse to use it :)

    @ Si – hahaha, don’t know if I deserve that title :P I do like the sound of TR.S, but also wouldn’t want to limit this to starfighters. How about T-Frames? ;D

  3. MROptimusPrime

    As long as you keep them FULLY transforming with NO parts forming. We HATE what Kre-O does, or doesn’t do I should say. Tromas, you really should do a full on Galvatron cannon in this exact style.

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