Avenger, US Army style

The High Mobility Military Wheeled Vehicle, better known as the Humvee or Hummer, has been the standard general purpose vehicle of the US Military since the mid-Eighties. As such it is a popular subject for military builders. Despite the easily recognisable angular shape, it’s not an easy vehicle to build properly, certainly not if you want it to look decent with minifigs. In the last weeks Project Azazel has been steadily cranking out new versions, but I am going to highlight one.

Humvee "Avenger"

It is the Humvee Avenger, a version used by the US Army for air defence armed with Stinger missiles and a .50 machine gun. The body of the model has a width of seven studs, which is an excellent compromise between detail and interior space on the one hand and a size that does not make the minifig look like a midget on the other hand. The presentation doesn’t hurt either. I’d love to see one in woodland camouflage or a maxi ambulance next.

3 comments on “Avenger, US Army style

  1. Fred

    Not certain if this was the intention but the missile scale relative to the launcher has the effect of being further from the vehicle. It’s a neat forced 3D illusion.

  2. the enigma that is badger

    From the description Project Azazel posted on Flickr:

    “yes the Missile is in forced perspective..if you want to build a missle that is a bar thick then go ahead personally id rather have a detailed missile and use forced perspective”

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