A Tank of the Alternate Past

There are a lot of cute little Tachikomas floating around lately, but this isn’t one of them. This mighty legged-tank by Dylan Denton is a bit more serious, and it’s got the looks to prove it. Based on a mech in the anime series Sound of the Sky, the Takemikazuchi looks deadly as it goes for a stroll through the snow.


5 comments on “A Tank of the Alternate Past

  1. Eric at A Lego A Day

    I love the look of this model, and I love the setting for the photo, but I wish the feet had crunched down through the snow and ice. This would be too heavy to skim across the surface.

  2. AK_brickster

    The feet immediately caught my eye as well. What good are spiky claws if they point upward? He would have been much better served to flip them pointing down and have them digging into the snow a bit, as you suggested.

  3. krudmuphin

    (builder of this model)
    Because it is a replica, the toes had to be pointing upward like the one from the anime series.
    And it’s not actually sitting in snow, it’s on a foam board. Unfortunately, 4 of the 6 legs had to be secured to a base in order for this to stand. Form took over function in this instance.

  4. mpoh98

    Very awesome camera skills! I love it! I was going to agree with the first 2 comments, but after your comment, sweet job!

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