Helium Transport Rover

We may be well into March now, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still in love with fantastic rovers. Case in point, here’s one we missed previously: Robert H’s (Robiwan Kenobi) Helium Transport Rover. Like all the best microscale models, it belies its size, and abounds with ingenious techniques. The micro-mech that accompanies it is also a marvel of miniature engineering, employing some cool joint techniques that even I haven’t seen before.

NCS Helium-3 Transport Rover

EDIT: Oops, looks like we didn’t actually miss this one the first time around. We blogged its differently-colored twin here.

1 comment on “Helium Transport Rover

  1. Andrew

    Ha! This is two years old, but I was planning on blogging it anyway tonight, given its sheer awesomeness (and newness to me). Apparently you thought the same.

    EDIT: We did blog a different version of this rover two years ago, but I like this one better. Oversight corrected, if rather belatedly.

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