Back in Grey: The Weaver Mech

Brian Kescenovitz (aka mondayn00dle) is back at it, building more of the best Mecha around. This time he’s got this aggressive grey beast called the Weaver. It even fits a figure completely inside–which, come to think of it, may make it a large exo-suit. At what point does an exo-suit become a mech? Whatever you care to classify is as, though, there’s no question that it’s of the species awesome.


1 comment on “Back in Grey: The Weaver Mech

  1. ranwanimator

    Exo-suit: Augments the pilots movements through direct 1:1 control.
    Mech: Large robot driven by joystick or other abstracted control mechanism. Eg Steering wheel, joystick, thought helmet.

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