Delivering LEGO goodness since 2005

Justin Pratt (legotanks) makes excellent little delivery trucks as well as tanks. At BrickCon last year, I gave him a couple of engraved “The Brothers Brick” bricks on condition that he build us a delivery van. Justin recently finished it, and posted it online last night (after displaying it at Emerald City Comicon this weekend).

Brothers Brick Cabover 1

That’s “me” behind the wheel, but you may see someone I’m hauling along behind. Per his request, my co-founder Josh is along for the ride in a little red wagon.

Brothers Brick Cabover 2

Justin’s truck joins what’s turning out to be our delivery fleet, led by the truck Nathan Proudlove brought to BrickCon 2009 (where we successfully fought off a zombie horde).

Zombie Apocafest 2009 - Delivered by The Brothers Brick

4 comments on “Delivering LEGO goodness since 2005

  1. si-mocs

    Give me two TBB bricks and I’ll build you a Space-Delivery-van (down by the space river) ;)

    Joking aside, nice truck!

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