A Family That Spaces Together Stays Together

Eight months ago I built a spaceship and my son Tate decided that the pilot should be my wife Trish. I thought that sounded like a nice idea, and since I didn’t want any family member to feel left out I decided to build one for each of us. I built both my son Milo’s, and mine within the following two weeks. I even did a substantial upgrade on Trish’s in the meantime. But considering Tate came up with the idea, the poor little guy had to wait eight whole months for his very own. (I am such a horrible father :P)

So to reward his patience, I tried to go all out on his. As a result I built quite possibly the craziest vessel to ever come out of the .Tromas Shipyards. He ended up with not only a rockin’ starfighter, but it converts to a mecha as well.

tA.73B Razorbill - Heavy Assault Starfighter

I am still trying to talk them all in to taking a family swoosh-portrait, but in the meantime…

Brownridge Spacecraft Fleet

I also just realized that I am going to have to build another ship for our bambino that is due in March…a father’s work is never done :)

6 comments on “A Family That Spaces Together Stays Together

  1. si-mocs

    I’m in rapt anticipation for the cutest baby swoosh ever.
    … baby swooshing a fighter that is…
    please don’t swoosh your baby…

  2. eilonwy77

    Congrats, TR! And we must see the baby swoosh. ;-)

    My daughter did a cute swoosh we got on film. Maybe I’ll have to post it, just for you and Simon. ;-)

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