Ice Planet: A Decade Later

The denizens of the Ice Planet have grown a little more technologically advanced in the past decade, now employing mecha as they patrol their frozen landscapes.

Ice Spider 01

Ice Planet 2002 is probably my favorite Space theme, even though it’s completely outlandish. Can you believe it’s been 10 years since the fictional future in which Ice Planet was set? Although I never had much of it as a kid, its profuse bright neon-orange is forever burned in memory as a unique brand of nostalgic awesomeness.

So for my latest creation I wanted to return to this theme that I haven’t built a model for since I was a kid. Inspired by Brian Kescenovitz’s stunning NAILHEAD mecha, I set about building a cold-blooded mecha fit for the Ice Planet. I’ve also been talking a lot with other fans about how much photography affects a model, so I figured I should put my photos where my mouth was. This was probably one of the more fun builds I’ve done in a while, and I hope you enjoy it.

5 comments on “Ice Planet: A Decade Later

  1. Jake of All Trades

    Ahh, sweet sweet Ice Planet :) I am now fondly remembering the year I kept giving me 6898 Ice-Sat Vs as gifts for some reason. It must have been of just the price point and level of attractiveness to adults to make every grown-up in my family pick one up. I think between Christmas and my birthday that year, I wound up with at least four of those. So many white wheels…

  2. rushiosan

    10 years? I guess you mean 20 years, since they’re from 1993…

    Anyway, that’s an outstanding creation and diorama! This brings back so many memories hahaha

  3. Syruss

    I think it’s a reference to the theme name “Ice Planet 2002.”

    And this was definitely one of my favorite themes growing up. Although nothing was more enjoyable to me than the Exploriens line. I’ve been thinking of revisiting that line in a fashion similar to this.

  4. Josh

    @rushiosan – Chris said “10 years since the fictional future in which Ice Planet was set”, not 10 years since the sets were released. ;)

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