RAILBRICKS 12 released

The industrious RAILBRICKS team recently brought us yet another issue of their excellent magazine. This time it features layouts, and is thus probably more relevant to non-train builders, with its demonstration of landscaping and detailing. Highlights in this issue include articles on the excellent layout of Alban Nanty, the collaborative layouts of Mike Pianta (scruffulous) and me, and a community spotlight on Hong Kong’s Legend Bricks. Once again the whole team have done an excellent job on this lovely free resource.

2 comments on “RAILBRICKS 12 released

  1. citizen piper

    I’ve been following TBB and other AFOL sites for updates like this. Unfortunately, we here in manila philippines have to fly to singapore or hongkong to get hold of these magazines. I just hope someone from railbricks could contact our growing lego group in manila so we’ll have fresh copies everytime it has a new release.

  2. TaltosVT

    Hi Citizen,

    If you’d like to send me an email at editor(a)railbricks.com, I’d be interested in any feedback your group has about the magazine. Distribution of the printed version of the magazine is all handled by MagCloud. The RAILBRICKS team only produces and posts the downloadable versions, which MagCloud then uses to create the printed version. I did check the MagCloud site last night, and they do offer shipping to the Philippines. If there’s something else that we might be able to do to make it easier for you to get copies, I’d be interested in your ideas.

    -Elroy (RAILBRICKS Editor)

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