Check out these Studs!

Brandon Griffith, who you may remember from his role in the awesome Tower of Orthanc diorama, has a cool new project up on Kickstarter. It’s a set of trading cards, but the subjects aren’t athletes, they’re LEGO builders and their creations. The mock-up photos look pretty awesome to me, and I’m also honored to say that I’ve been asked to be an artist in the series.

LEGO Studs trading cards

8 comments on “Check out these Studs!

  1. hipp5

    Interesting idea.

    I’m no lawyer, but won’t this run into trademark/copyright issues? I can see problems with using the LEGO font, and also using images of storm troopers, Link, etc. in a commercial product.

  2. Creative Anarchy

    This is pretty niche. I mean I’m a huge fan and I love to get to know more about the amazing builders internationally and see their works but honestly I don’t think I’d buy this. I’d certainly be more motivated to build knowing I may get a trading card with one of my constructions but I don’t know that I’d ever buy one.

  3. kotaco

    This is one of those fun ideas in a “What if..” but a horrible idea to put into fruition and ask for investments on. Who’s going to buy these? I doubt the demand is out there, and profit to be made. I think you’d have better luck with a website of featured builders with free access or “virtual” trading cards.

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