Keep Clear

After trying on stripes for some spaceships inspired by Chris Foss I turned my eye to the less garish but no less colorful aesthetic of the Homeworld games (in turn inspired by Peter Elson). I can’t say that this ended up fitting any particular Homeworld race or ship class, but my Pit Viper fuel tanker is easily one of my personal favorite micro ships. In nature, venomous animals use color to warn off predators. This tanker does the same as it transports the U.E.F. fleet‘s poisonous sources of interstellar fuel.

Pit Viper-class fuel tanker (1)

Graffiti covers the underside of the central tank. After all, the lower surface is where planet-bound delinquents would be able to reach when the Pit Viper lands, right? Both the fore and aft sections use old X-Pod parts, for a “greeble sandwich” effect.

Pit Viper-class fuel tanker (4) Pit Viper-class fuel tanker (6)

Via twee affect. ;-)

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