Collectible Minifigs Series 6 Debut as TV Stars

LEGO has released this hilarious video introducing all the new minifigs in the sixth Series of Collectible Minifigs, set up as a parody of some well-known American TV shows. I enjoyed it, and I think you will too.

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  1. BluntDiplomat

    I just got all 16 of them yesterday! It took me a record 45 minutes at my local Lego store to find them all, and the employees there were kind enough to open new boxes for me. The Roman Soldier, Genie, and the Butcher were rather difficult to find, whilst the Flamenco Dancer, Highland Warrior, Classic Alien, Clockwork Robot, Bandit and Minotaur were relatively common and easy to find.

    My observations:
    Roman Soldier – Feel for the spear, and not the shield. The shield is surprisingly small and is not as easy to feel for as the spear.
    Butcher – Feel for the meat piece.
    Flamenco Dancer – Her hair is similar to the Figure Skater’s hair from Series 4. Also, feel for her fan. I ran into a lot more of her than her other wedge-legged sister, Lady Liberty.
    Clockwork Robot – Feel for the square head.
    Sleepyhead – My favorite of the series (and I think the only one with two faces). The teddy bear piece is really easy to feel for – feel for a small cylindrical piece with two tiny arms and ears.
    Classic Alien – Feel for the rod piece coming out of the ray gun and the unusual rounded, smooth head.
    Intergalactic Girl – Feel around for the visor piece that attaches to her helmet, as well as the rod piece for her ray gun. Her bulky helmet and hair piece feels very similar to the head piece for the minotaur and the hairpiece for the Highland Warrior.
    Minotaur – Feel for the two horns and the axe head. His headpiece is also quite large and bulky.
    Highland Warrior – I ran into a lot of these guys. The hair is not a good indicator. Feel around for his round shield and his sword which has a handle.
    Mechanic – Feel around for his toolbox.
    Surgeon – Feel around for the flat, 2×2 square x-ray piece. The surgeon cap feels a lot like the leprechaun’s pot of gold.
    Leprechaun – Feel around for the short, un-posable legs. That’s the surest way you have him.
    Bandit – The pistols. His hat is similar to the Ganger’s hat from Series 5.
    Skater Girl – The skateboard wheels are a dead giveaway. Don’t get excited and mistake her skateboard for the Roman soldier’s shield.
    Lady Liberty – Feel for the torch piece. It’s surprising how unimposing her hairpiece is.
    Genie – Feel for the tail, the lamp, and/or the small feather piece that attaches to the turban.

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