Minecraft in Lego: Blocks to Bricks

What’s the first thing everyone says when they try Minecraft? “It’s like building with Lego!” And to me, Minecraft really is the perfect Lego-esque game. So, it was natural to combine two of my favorite things, which already seemed destined to be together. Some of you may have seen this at Brickcon 2011 back in October where I displayed it, but now it’s finally online just in time for the official game release date tomorrow!


4 comments on “Minecraft in Lego: Blocks to Bricks

  1. Chris Post author

    Iain; ha, I’d never thought of that, but that would be awesome. The style I used eats tiles and plates, though, because it’s based on the 5x5x5plates = 1 block, and everything is tiled.

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