Best LEGO X-Wing Yet

I usually avoid making a judgement call about a model being the ‘best yet’ (at least here on TBB). But I’m making an exception for Mike Psiaki’s (psiaki) latest iteration of the X-Wing Starfighter. Mike has packed in every detail possible from an accurate backside to detailed guns to working landing gear.


The complex shaping on the nose is a miraculous piece of LEGO engineering using just about every technique under the sun to accurately portray the long wedge shape.


Even the intakes are given detailed treatment.


This model is a testament to the time and dedication Mike has put into his X-Wings. He has improved it every iteration with new techniques parts and efforts.

12 comments on “Best LEGO X-Wing Yet

  1. rushiosan

    Trans-yellow canopy? No, just no.

    UCS X-Wing is the best model so far in my opinion… even with its bricky shapes.

  2. gambort Post author

    I find it amazing that you consider the colour of the canopy more important than the overall shape and details. The UCS one is nice. But this gets the shapes better in one quarter the size as well as more detail.

    Clear winner in my books.

  3. Mike

    Wow, thanks tim. That’s quite a flattering post! I’m glad you mentioned all the different iterations I’ve had of this thing. I think it’s something funny to look back on because EVERY one of those iterations, at one point, I considered to be the best x-wing. I really should put together a copy of my first x-wing for a little side-by-side comparison.

    Rushiosan, if you want to send me a trans-black canopy I’d be more than happy to accept it. For now, trans-yellow looks better than trans light blue. At least it does to me.

  4. Guss

    Apart for the trans yellow canopy , it’s way better and more “minifig size” than the UCS, and I think it’s amazing!

  5. rushiosan

    Mike, unfortunately, I don’t think they have the old canopy in trans-gray… I just commented about it because it’s actually the only flaw around the whole ship. The thing about UCS was a personal opinion. It doesn’t mean your model is bad… as you can see, everyone here loved it.

    And yes, at least, the canopy isn’t light blue…

  6. Mike

    actually, it was in trans-black in one set, the UCS snowspeeder. I’ve been trying to get my hands on one (not the set, the part) for about 8 months now. Every time it pops up on bricklink it is sold well before I get a chance to buy it. Though this is probably a good thing, as the going price is somewhere in the range of $30!

    Sometimes I wonder who keeps buying them. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one used in a model. Maybe it is my arch-nemisis, stockpiling them to ensure I’ll never get a chance to complete this thing.

  7. dmac

    Congratulations, Mike. Excellent model; I particularly like the hull shape as seen from above.

    However – just for the record – the retractable landing gear for X-wing in this scale has been known at least since 2007 and I believe you could make the front part even better using this: Looks more… hmmm… positively stick-like :) .

    But this is just a suggestion; perhaps you already tried that and decided against it.

  8. dateman

    Awesome techniques in there! Though what are your thoughts on a grey nose, and tan top on the fuselage? My efforts (Red 2) have also been going on for years and have to upload new pics on Brickshelf, check out my previous version if you want, same name as on here. Well done on getting on The Bro Brick too!

  9. dateman

    Yeah I can’t think of the number of times I’ve changed my mind… I’ve worked off a picture of the model used in the movies and while it does have a gray nose, it might just be dirty!

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