The Scope of War

Over the last few weeks, Sean and Steph Mayo (aka Siercon and Coral) have been creating a strikingly skillful set of microscale dioramas for the Microscale Castle Contest at Classic-Castle, with each vignette depicting a scene from an epic struggle for a fantasy world. All eight of the individual scenes fit together, adjoining to create a complete panorama of the battle.

There are too many imaginative and implausibly tiny details to highlight them all, so be sure to check out the photographs carefully. A few of my favorites include the mounted knight, the war elephants, the stairs to the dark castle, and of course, the microscale angelic warrior (below). This is microscale building at its finest.

And, as if all this wasn’t enough, Sean and Steph have teamed up with Blake Baer (aka Blake’s Baericks), who is creating the second part of this saga. Although Blake has so far only shown the first vignette of a planned five, his work looks like it will be right on par with the first segment, so keep an eye on his photostream to see the rest.