4184 Black Pearl out + free shipping from LEGO extended [News]

A bit belated news for some, I realize — I’ve been sick — but 4184 Black Pearlicon is out now from multiple sources (text link goes to LEGO Shop; image link below goes to Amazon).

The highlight in this set for me is definitely the minifigs, with Davy Jones and the shark-headed Maccus. It goes for $100 (less at some big box stores at the moment) and includes 804 pieces.

Free shipping has been extended again from the LEGO Shop, with double VIP points through the end of October.

Finally, every purchase over $99 includes the first of a two-part Christmas vignette for free:

LEGO Christmas vignette 1

Here’s the second part, due out in November:

LEGO Christmas vignette 2

6 comments on “4184 Black Pearl out + free shipping from LEGO extended [News]

  1. AverageIndie

    There appears to be a second one supporting the grille in front of the fireplace. Not to mention a possible third as a spare.

  2. Brad

    Those 1 x 1 round tiles are also showing up in the new city sets. Look at the headlights on the police vehicle in the headquarters building, for example.

    I really like these vignettes, and I’m sad that they won’t be released as their own sets. However, those are pretty great bonuses – I hope we see more like them in the future!

  3. dirk_vh

    Here in Europe we have piss poor LEGO shop online conditions :-) only VIP x2 this month. No free shipping ( was only in April this year), no bonus vignettes on orders. Too bad because I really like this vignette. And we still have to pay the same nominal price in euros as you do in dollars.
    Black Pearl is not available yet either haha, only QA’R

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