LEGO Tank from Ghost in the Shell

Those who’ve been around the LEGO community for a while may know I’ve been planning a LEGO version of the Ghost in the Shell tank (from the movie) for quite some time. In fact I posted my first CAD version 5 years ago after starting it nine months before that.

I won’t say it’s finished now (because I doubt I’ll ever consider it finished) but, after nearly six years from starting it, I think it’s ready to share in the brick. It’s close to fully articulated although the middle legs don’t move left/right (to improve strength). The torso is on a ball joint as is the head for maximal poseability.

Think Tank from GitS Movie

4 comments on “LEGO Tank from Ghost in the Shell

  1. Blockhead

    As I was scrolling down the page, seeing what was new with the brothers brick. My eyes lit up when I saw this. I said to myself that it’s one of the best think tanks I’ve seen. And wouldn’t you know it, the other possible contender for the crown of besst thing tank was your five year old CAD version.

    Hats off to you. You’ve really done a fine job.

  2. gambort Post author

    ^ I do like obscurances version. Although it’s even bigger than mine (which is already a little too big to be ‘minifig scale’) and I find it all a little bulky.

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