Massive Tow Truck Attack

Yet again we should thank our Technic guest blogger Peer Kreuger (mahjqa) for this one.

If you’re interested in technic, you should know about Sariel. He’s a very productive builder, who takes his time to document his building process and share his techniques. He’s also equally proficient at both system and technic building. So if we’re talking about lots of functionality crammed inside a single unit, it’s probably best to mention his latest creation:

The complete story (and it’s a big one) can be read here. And if you want to see it all at work, better check this out:

Sure, the video takes it’s sweet time, and we’ve seen the Black CatTroll Assault Wagon before. Still, this is a worthy upgrade and a magnificent build.

EDIT: As Paul mentions below this is not actually based on the Black Cat, it’s based on the Troll Assault Wagon. Or at least that’s how I read his comment ;)

8 comments on “Massive Tow Truck Attack

  1. searme

    Dear Brothers Brick,

    This truck is not based on the Black Cat (which I don’t even own). It is a model built from a scratch, with only similarity between the Black Cat and it being the color theme, which is certainly insufficient to call it a Black Cat’s upgrade, just as the fact that it has wheels is insufficient to call it a Troll Assault Wagon’s rip-off. If you will take a look at a tow truck by Andrea Grazi ( ), which has been indeed based on the Black Cat, I’m sure you will notice the difference.

    Thank you,

  2. searme

    Since my comment still awaits moderation, I considered myself compelled to include annotation in the video, explaining your – for the lack of a better word – misconception.

  3. gambort Post author

    Paul> Fixed ;) To be fair to Peer it is a black long-nosed truck with red stripes quite possibly based on the same or two similar Peterbilts. If it’s any consolation I’ve been accused of making a Black Cat too.

  4. Jean C

    Is it so bad that this was described as being ‘based on’ the Black Cat? The Black Cat was a great, classic set, which was an interesting design, a fun build, and good to play with, and, even today, is instantly recognisable.

    This looks a lot like the Black Cat (but is bigger, better, etc etc etc); this doesn’t look like the Troll Assault Wagon.

    Chill, dude.

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