LEGOLAND California gets Star Wars Miniland in March 2011 [News]

Home of LEGO Star Wars Days for the last several years, it’s only natural that LEGOLAND California should get a section of Miniland dedicated to Star Wars. That’s finally happening this March, as announced this morning. From Bricks to Bothans was there today covering the press event, and has all the details and photos, including the ever-awesome Mr. Gary McIntire (with Miniland tauntaun and Han Solo).

Gary McIntire with Miniland Tauntaun 2

Read the full coverage and press release on FBTB.

4 comments on “LEGOLAND California gets Star Wars Miniland in March 2011 [News]

  1. Ochre Jelly

    “He’s so dreamy!” ;-)

    But where’s the interview, hmmm? Someone should really get on that.

    Whole concept is pretty exciting, though. Now I have an excuse to drag the family down to San Diego this summer, yay!

  2. eti

    I would have thunk that Star Wars thing had been _completely_ mulk out by now, but no…

    Well, I guess I’m the only one who realizes that those movies are pretty lame in the first place anyway so don’t listen to me (not that anyone would, of course…)

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