2011 bounces in on rabbit ‘tocks

かわいいレゴずき (“I Love Cute LEGO”) has their annual roundup of New Year greetings from Japanese LEGO builders up on the blog, replete with adorable bunnies to honor the Year of the Rabbit.

LEGO Year of the Rabbit nengajyou

But most unique of all this year’s New Year creations is this set of osechi cuisine by mumu from the resident builders at かわいいレゴずき:

LEGO Osechi-ryori

I always thought osechi food was a bit of an acquired taste, but I’ve said the same thing about traditional American holiday food. (In both cases, it doesn’t help that my choices are further limited by being a vegetarian from birth.) Whether you appreciate the source of inspiration or not, the LEGO version is a lovely evocation of a uniquely Japanese tradition.

Happy 2011, LEGO fans of the world! Scientists, please provide a status update on your abject failure to give us flying cars and personal robots. We are, after all, living in The Future…