How to fill a flatbed

Bedford TK and David Brown 780

I’ve recently got right back into building cars and vehicles. So much so that when I built a Bedford TK truck and needed to fill its flatbed the solution I came up with wasn’t the usual boxes or logs but a David Brown 780 tractor.

PS. Dear LEGO, could you please make a tyre that’s slightly larger than the one I used? Yours, Tim

2 comments on “How to fill a flatbed

  1. ColourSchemer

    Although the truck is cool once I stopped to look at it, the tractor is what caught my eye in the first place. Do I understand correctly that David Brown 780 is the model of the real thing? I’m only familiar with the US manufacturers.

    I agree with your comment on the size of the rear tyre. And then I wondered if you had discovered a newer source for the smooth 2×2 (interior dia) tyre. All mine are mocking my age by dry rotting.

  2. gambort Post author

    If I understood correctly David Brown is the manufacturer and 780 is the model. I really don’t know much. Just googled tractors until I spotted one I liked.

    I have a big bag of smooth tyres that I got from BL. Pretty sure they’re never going to be rereleased but there’s plenty of used ones in good nick.

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