Girlpocalypse Now

I’m back from BrickCon, and ready to unveil the only new creation I’ve built since July. I had the funky idea to build this one evening, and actually had the time to do so. I figured that the post-apocalypse building scene could use a little more levity, and what’s better than cheerleaders to bring some cheer? Of course, I had to try to build a stereotypical cheerleader vehicle, which pretty much had to be an open top jeep or a VW cabrio. Then I added the legs, to make it more interesting, as well as ridiculous.

Cheerleader Battle Mecha-Jeep 04

At the behest of a friend, I brought the creation to BrickCon, and took photos of it on as many cool creations as I could manage. I didn’t anticipate the big response it got, so don’t be surprised to see some more girls of the apocalypse from me (nurses anyone?).

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