This creation bugs me

It’s a great space bug queen diorama, by Alex Fojtik (BrickFX). This is a truly immersive display, incorporating some great details. My favorite is the dripping slime, but I’ve also been known to love hexagons. The scattered space helmet eggs look great, and must have been quite a challenge to pose for different angled photos.

Hatchery: Overview

4 comments on “This creation bugs me

  1. eilonwy77

    I love hexagons. Until they get usurped into duty in an insect’s nest. Pooooor little hexagons. ;-)

  2. Catsy

    I share the hexagon love, and this is the exact technique I’d been mulling over for a brainstorm I had–it’s nice to see it in brick and have the theory validated. If only those three-way hub pieces weren’t so expensive…

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