Out of the dark ages and into a dark house

Mike Doyle came out of his dark ages only during this summer after a visit to LEGOLAND, and he built this?! I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of realism achieved using predominantly two colors. As the builder notes, this is “more of a textural study,” and a darn fine one too.

You can follow Mike’s current and future projects on his newly created Lego blog. Thanks for the tip El Barto!

15 comments on “Out of the dark ages and into a dark house

  1. nxtquy

    I have to say this is the most realistic Lego creation I’ve seen, maybe even the best Lego creation I’ve seen.

  2. Will Will

    This is quite simply a work of art. I just love looking at it. Couldn’t come at a more appropriate season, either… spooky… I wish I was this creative. Thanks for making this. Thanks for posting this..

  3. mo123567

    I created an account just to comment on this. This is amazing. I wish lego would release a set like this. Like some others have said, this may be the best lego creation I’ve ever seen.

  4. Morgan19

    Holy moly! O_O I figured it was an illustration at first glance and am still having a hard time it’s not.

    (Wish it was on Flickr for commenting, though.)

  5. Abel

    Haven’t seen an MOC like this one before. Also like how the difficult-to-photo black totally adds even MORE texture to this MOC. Top notch stuff.

  6. travisgriggs

    Very “cool” indeed. I think… it was the icicles that pushed me over the edge of awe. I feel like the Joker as well: “Where does he get all those wonderful black pieces?”

  7. warthog2k

    I also had to create an account to comment on this.
    Been lurking for months, and seen some marvellous creations, but this is truly breathtaking.

    First glance I thought “ooh, it’s going to take him ages to wipe off all that flour!”. I was flabbergasted when I took a quick peek at the detail pics.

    The more I look the more amazing details pop up and the more I’m impressed.

    Can’t wait to see what else you come up with if this is a first effort!

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