Command, we have contact

For the past six years, I’ve been haunted by the words of Soren Roberts that “you’re not a man until you’ve built [a SHIP].” And so, the past month has been a rite of passage for me. For this year’s BrickCon, Tyler Clites and I present our second collaboration: Vexillum and the Iron Maiden. The story goes like this:

A millennium into the future, the Vexillum patrol cruiser receives a distress signal of an outbreak on the prison ship Iron Maiden. Upon investigation, things turned out to be much more than loose criminals on board, at least not the human ones anyway.

Vexillum, by Tyler

Iron Maiden, by Nannan

2 comments on “Command, we have contact

  1. Ochre Jelly

    Hey, I thought size wasn’t important? At least, that’s what my wife keeps telling me. These things look like they might actually be visible from space.

    Hey Alex, I assume you’re about to build a quick riposte to these, in the same scale right?! Ah, I think he may have just fallen off his chair…

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