Brickforge makes Brickcon Castle packs! [News]

The Castle layout at BrickCon is going all out this year! In support of that effort, Brickforge is contributing exclusive packs for contributors to the Castle section at the Con. Gotta love those gold helms…

Lego Brickforge Castle Pack Custom

Quantities are limited, so if you have something medieval, let me know about it. We can always use more Castle goodness.

3 comments on “Brickforge makes Brickcon Castle packs! [News]

  1. proudlove

    Whew, this makes me glad I decided to bring the castle instead of the spaceship. You can count me in Josh.

  2. CatJuggling

    Love that gold chrome! ARG! Still need to finish the Town build! *looks around frantically at Lego stored here at work* I need a longer lunch break! :p

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