Keith Goldman builds Logan’s Run

Keith Goldman‘s latest massive diorama presents his interpretation of the science fiction work Logan’s Run. At this scale, architecture really plays a role in capturing our attention. I am particularly drawn to the terraced vines and the sloped facets of the background structure.

The individual shots of the diorama are also unique, where each scene captured a separate story element. You should check them out on the Flickr set. And as a rare glimpse, Keith shows that there are boundaries to his creations, proving that he is “a man among gods, and a god among men.”

2 comments on “Keith Goldman builds Logan’s Run

  1. Fred

    O was just wondering what crazy new project KG ad underway…. looks wonderful at a glance.. time to dive in deep

  2. TheBrickster

    Thank you for sharing this remarkable creation. As a huge Logan’s Run fan, I am especially taken back by the size and detail of this creation. It must have taken quite a bit of time to build. I’m loving the people movers (for lack of a better name), and the close-up scenes. The trans. green pieces are especially nice to capture the modern look of the domed city. Had you considered a tube for the people mover? A LEGO monorail would have really worked well, but the way you designed the recessed platform looks great. Overall, I’m loving this creation and have to watch the movie again to appreciate the fine scenes that you’ve constructed. The close-up photography is equally impressive. Really, excellent work!

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