All aboard the LEGO train with working doors

It’s rare I get to use the ‘Technic’ category but when good technical design appears on a train even Technic-challenged me can appreciate it. Esben Kolind gives his commuter train a whole lot more fun with working doors and, as though that wasn’t impressive enough, a sliding step. And he does all this on a well detailed six-wide train. Incredible only begins to describe my feelings.

Thanks to Tim David for the link.

6 comments on “All aboard the LEGO train with working doors

  1. Brad

    I watched the sliding doors, and thought, “Wow, that’s really cool.” Then the step. “Awesome!” Then I noticed the flashing lights when the doors are opening! I grinned. Following that, I saw the headlights. “Neat.” Finally, the overhead lights!

    This train goes to 11! The features just kept coming.

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