Mahjqa bridges the gap with his Stilzkin Bridge Launcher

In regards to the Technic builder Peer (Mahjqa) Kreuger, I’ve come to expect the unexpected in the functional creations that one can make out of Lego. His latest Stilzkin Bridge Launcher is a vehicle that carries and deploys its own bridge to cross a chasm. Check out this must-see video for the entire action footage.

8 comments on “Mahjqa bridges the gap with his Stilzkin Bridge Launcher

  1. mahjqa

    Sorry to complain, but could you change that ‘g’ to a ‘q’? Thanks for the blog, though :)

  2. Creative Anarchy

    More MOCs need inspiring theme music! Great mechanics in the build. I was most blown away by the fact that the bridge can be unattached and re-attached by remote control. Not to sound like a fanboy but it really changes what I imagine can be done with lego.

  3. LegoDad42

    Enjoyed the video thoroughly. Just TREMENDOUS work on that model. Great technique on the bridge, the deploying then reattaching of the bridge. Ahhh…just a brilliantly designed model. Plus the music was grand! Except for the commie symbol to open the video, I love and admire the skill and expertise put into this piece. Exclesior!!!

  4. Jai

    Hahaha, great choice of music and outtakes.

    And an AMAZINGLY-designed creation. Just awesome.

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