LEGO Designer Simon Kent talks about 10213 Shuttle Adventure [Interview]

The announcement yesterday of 10213 Shuttle Adventure is followed today by an interview with Simon Kent, the Creative Lead who worked with Designer Steen Sig Andersen to create the set. Watch the video right here on The Brothers Brick:

Simon talks about some of the constraints that Steen worked under, as well as features of the set.

15 comments on “LEGO Designer Simon Kent talks about 10213 Shuttle Adventure [Interview]

  1. mooP

    Does Lego have an official YouTube channel? If they don’t, they really should. It sounds silly, but I’d love to see more videos like this, and more behind the scenes glimpses of the organization and the design process. Stuff like, seeing the different stages they go to before they end up with a final product, how they make color, and piece decisions, and interviews of the designers about how they go about their jobs. Just a thought.

  2. the enigma that is badger

    I still have incredibly fond memories of receiving 6339 as a birthday gift, and this set definitely reminds me that classic. I extremely tempted to say I’ll pick this one up first day it’s available, but it’ll probably come down to available funds.

    Definitely agree that follow-up videos for other LEGO Direct sets would be wonderful. From other discussions and statements made by designers, it’s pretty clear they have a blast working on these more detailed, intricate sets, and hearing a bit about the thought process behind them would be great.

  3. Balint_Czuppon


    Very cool set! I will buy this set!

    The landing gear also good, and the figs also!

    (sorry, I am hungarian, and i dont speak english too well.. :S)

  4. Ralph Savelsberg (Mad physicist)

    The only thing I don’t like is how far back the nosegear is located, but with the cockpit seating figures there’s probably not enough room to fit the spring-mounted mechanism further forward. Lego keep going from strength to strength with their set designs. I loved the Discover shuttle from several years ago and it’s great to see a similar design (albeit to a marginally smaller scale) but now with SRBs and the external fuel tank!

  5. Zach

    I got to see this set in person at Brick Magic here in Raleigh yesterday. It was very cool! My only complaint was that you can see the rear landing gear wheels through the wing when they are not deployed.

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