This post will not help your fear of dentists.

Yes, I know it’s not technically a dentist’s chair. But it looks like a dentist’s chair from the 1800s that Stephen King’s been commissioned to upgrade. Now tell me–isn’t that the stuff of nightmares?

Karf, this is all your fault. I’m not going to be seeing you for my next cleaning. And I’m not accepting you as a referral from my psychiatrist.

Now all kidding aside, I really WAS drawn to the chair. But the rest of the details are simply superb in this, too. Check it out!

2 comments on “This post will not help your fear of dentists.

  1. Tristan Amaya

    Oh gee!!!

    Im going to the dentist in like… 2 days!!!

    Oh well I dont THINK he looks like that but the servant did look a little fishy?

    Real nice though the chair is great as well as the walls

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