No Tom Cruise in this Valkyrie

Please excuse the atrocious title but I liked it better than ‘Robotech VF-1A Valkyrie‘ and if I called it Robotech I’d get a bunch of people complaining that I didn’t call it Macross (and vice versa). It’s by Eric Druon (BaronSat), who is one of my favourite ever builders. Oh yeah… it transforms too.

6 comments on “No Tom Cruise in this Valkyrie

  1. Zrath-Smiley

    Hey neat! Not only is it a VF-1A Valkyrie, but it’s Ikaru Ichijoe’s VF-1A Valkyrie from the Macross movie, “Macross: Do You Remember Love”! I used to have the die-cast toy of that, along with just about every toy VF-1 Valkyrie ever made. I had to, sob, sell them all… :(

  2. Dominique

    Actually, it’s an inspired title: Tom Cruise also starred in Top Gun, which featured F-14s, which look just like the VF-1A in Valkyrie / Veritech mode.

    Jetfire was based on Macross / Robotech Veritech.

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