LEGO Rock Band

As we’ve held off blogging for the last week to celebrate the late nnenn’s work I’m sure we all have a backlog of stuff to post. So please excuse the high density of cool LEGO models on your screen.

Dave Shaddix Rock Band

Dave Shaddix’s March Out Of The Darkness may be a work-in-progress but this photo is certainly ‘done’ enough for me to blog it here. I’m not going to claim this has never been done as I know someone will dig out an old link to something from 1997 but I will say an action posed larger fig diorama like this is a highly unusual concept and one I can fully appreciate when it’s done this well. Perhaps Dave would like to provide us with the music.

3 comments on “LEGO Rock Band

  1. Kevin Hinkle

    And we were just talking about you never getting blogged Dave… truly amazing work! Congrats!!

  2. Josh

    @meeotch – We were celebrating his work, not celebrating his death. This is common terminology. At funerals, people are often asked to gather to celebrate the life of the deceased.

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