Louvre ’em and leave ’em

Scrufs LEGO Louvre Van

Mike Pianta (scruffulous) has fast become one of the most creative LEGO train modellers (and a good photographer to boot) and his louvre van shows us why. Throw some hinges on some half plate offset tiles and you get louvres. And the rest of us say “why didn’t I think of that?”

2 comments on “Louvre ’em and leave ’em

  1. Valkyrie Ice

    I’m a newcomer to the lego online fan world, but a long time lover of legos. Looking through this blog I’ve seen an enormous number of wonderful creations. I am curious, is there a place where I could find the mpd or ldr files of some of these designs to view in LDview? I am particularly in love with sci-fi models and came here following the sad news of Nnenn’s death from an article on Gizmodo. Is there an archive of his work online or just photos?

  2. gambort Post author

    With regard to nnenn’s work it’s mostly photos although I believe some of his models have been reverse engineered. On the whole most people don’t use CAD and thus don’t have their models in virtual form. There are a few exceptions such as Peter Morris and many train builders use CAD more than buillders of other genres.

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