Achilles Last Stand

Nakao M5 by Fredoichi

As we’ve mentioned before good photography is a very (maybe most) important criteria for being blogged here. Fredoichi gives a textbook example of good LEGO photography. Well lit, well framed, well defined and well posed. As an added bonus his Nakao M5 is well good and, well, it uses sand blue.

3 comments on “Achilles Last Stand

  1. Dan

    I wanted to blog this MOC, but I thought that I’d blogged something by Fredoichi too recently. I’m glad you snagged this one, Tim.

  2. SubcommanderShran

    From the title I thought it was going to be Achilles from Robojox. That movie was pretty awesome, and so is this mech. I especially like the color scheme. It looks big enough to be turned into a hardsuit with the addition of a minifig head. Actually, if you put some wheels on the feet, this mech could have come from any of the Front Mission games.

  3. gambort Post author

    ^^& I’m not sure if we’re spoiling him or if he’s spoiling us but I tend to the latter perspective. I did delay it a couple of days to minimise the The Fredoichi Brick effect.

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