3 comments on “Achilles Last Stand

  1. Dan

    I wanted to blog this MOC, but I thought that I’d blogged something by Fredoichi too recently. I’m glad you snagged this one, Tim.

  2. SubcommanderShran

    From the title I thought it was going to be Achilles from Robojox. That movie was pretty awesome, and so is this mech. I especially like the color scheme. It looks big enough to be turned into a hardsuit with the addition of a minifig head. Actually, if you put some wheels on the feet, this mech could have come from any of the Front Mission games.

  3. gambort Post author

    ^^& I’m not sure if we’re spoiling him or if he’s spoiling us but I tend to the latter perspective. I did delay it a couple of days to minimise the The Fredoichi Brick effect.

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