Klingon Bird of Prey, made from 274,350 virtual bricks

We’ve hardly blogged digitally constructed and rendered creations, but Kevin Walter‘s Klingon Bird of Prey needs no explanation to be featured. This 13’5″ X 11’ X 5’1″ mega sculpture is the culmination of two years of work. You should check out the large image on Flickr, on which it is still difficult to identify a recognizable brick. I can only imagine what this thing would look like in real life.

6 comments on “Klingon Bird of Prey, made from 274,350 virtual bricks

  1. alldarker

    Most important question: does it have an interior :-)
    Anyways… I’d imagine it takes some computing power to render this beast every time it needs adjusting / working on.
    * I just read the stats on Kevin’s MOC page… WOW *

  2. Jordan Bradford

    Its dimensions are

    L: 409.27
    W: 334.17
    H: 154.30

    For the metric-challenged, that converts to

    L: 13′ 5.13″
    W: 10′ 11.56″
    H: 5′ 0.75″

  3. SubcommanderShran

    I once made an awesome Bird of Prey. Here’s a pic:

    It’s cloaked. I used zero bricks.

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