Where people shop and stuff is being shopped

It seems like each release of a LEGO modular building inspires lots of lovely new buildings designed by fans. The recent release of Grand Emporium is certainly no exception, as this beautiful “IZ Emporium” by Sebastiaan Arts (Aliencat!) proves:

LEGO IZ Emporium

Don’t miss all the pictures on MOCPages.

3 comments on “Where people shop and stuff is being shopped

  1. Fred

    this has been on brickshelf for many many months. funny how he’s just posting this now on moc pages

  2. Aliencat

    Hey Fred. You must be confused, I only finished this about a week ago and MOCpages was the first place I posted it. It is on Brickshelf, but only since about an hour after it was posted on MOCpages ;)

  3. Fred

    well I can’t argue with you ,can I? It’s funny because I thought it looked like your work even before I read the article and I was certain I’ve seen this before.. Now I have to go hunting for the piece I’m thinking about.

    It’s a wonderful building. I feel like I’m in old Europe again and I’ve never been there.

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