LEGO in new OK Go Rube Goldberg video gives us an excuse to post it

The new OK Go video for “This Too Shall Pass” only includes a few seconds of LEGO, but the non-stop Rube Goldberg awesomeness is too, well, awesome to pass up.

9 comments on “LEGO in new OK Go Rube Goldberg video gives us an excuse to post it

  1. sparesoul

    I usually keep quiet but this bothers me. Why can’t we see more applied imagination like this ( and what we enjoy daily on the good Brothers site ) in our entertainment media? It’s great that LEGO gets a cameo directly, but it deserves being here on this site because it embodies what we enjoy most about LEGO… giving us the tools to develop our own ideas and ways of doing things.

  2. Daedalus

    Wow-ee. Lucky for us they put some Lego in it! I’ve watched about eight times already. Goodbye, productivity! :D

  3. Remi

    Love this! If you watch in the background, you can see all the crap the destroyed in the previous dozen takes, like a dozen TVs & pianos.

    There’s a few close up pictures of the Lego they used, in this flickr set.

    Also, the lead signer, Damian, is a huge Lego fan. Sorry for the link to some crappy teen site, but the video is fun.

  4. kunert

    Wow, I am shamed for ever thinking, “that treadmill video was great, but they peaked with that” Thanks to Remi for the teen link too.

  5. Jai

    These guys have an incredible amount of awesome music videos, even when working with much simpler ideas than this. I wish everyone made videos like they do.

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