7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser 30% off from TRU

LEGO Star Wars fan favorite 7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser is on sale at 30% off from Toys R Us.

30% off brings the price down from $109.99 to $76.99. The deal works both in stores and online.

All indications are that this is not, in fact, a trap.

17 comments on “7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser 30% off from TRU

  1. worker201

    Actually, this set is on sale for less than $20, if you include the selling-all-the-minifigs-on-BrickLink rebate…

    Isn’t there some way we can stop BrickLink from fleecing people on Star Wars minifigs? Kit Fisto is selling for $16, and he is featured in a set that is in active production! That’s robbery!

  2. Creative Anarchy

    I was holding this box at TRU today and thinking hard on it. It has that trans orange globe that I love so much and it looks like it has a lot of decorated elements but even at 76$ I’m not feeling it. I love me the pink and brown minifigs but I don’t have much use for mon calamari’s. There aren’t a lot of unusual bricks in the box and it’s not much of a model to look at. The Brick:Buck ratio isn’t great, even at $76. Do I really need this set?

  3. Puddleglum

    ^^^The people should not be allowed to spend their money as they choose, or they will be snookered into paying prices worker201 does not approve of. They must be educated and made to spend their money only on parts and prices endorsed by worker201.


  4. Brad

    @Creative Anarchy:

    I can confirm that the decorated elements (excepting the minifigs) are stickers. I picked this up when it was last on sale and am happy with it. It isn’t an amazing build, but it had (for me) fun nostalgia value, as the space battle from RotJ was one of my favorites. You might considering picking it up and then selling the Mon Cal figs, which would improve the cost per piece ratio. Otherwise, it sounds like me be happier picking up the trans orange globe and/or the minifigs on Bricklink?

  5. Josh

    @Puddleglum – Naturally, people can’t know what they want. They need to ask you and me first. We should get organized so that our followers can find us easier. I haven’t had anyone ask me for directives all week. Obviously, it’s because I’m too hard to find. ;-)

    @worker201 – Can you tell me why one would want to re-educate people on something like this? Honestly, I don’t see what the problem is. Please tell me why you see Kit Fisto being listed at $16 as robbery. (As a disclaimer, I am not one of those who buys up SW sets in order to resell the figs. I’m just curious why the practice bothers people).

  6. worker201

    SW minifig pricing is an example of arbitrage – an economic in which prices differ between 2 different markets. In this case, the Lego market and the Lego collector market. Usually, these situations self-correct, but this one has been strangely resistant. Aside from the selfish desire to purchase interesting minifigs at reasonable prices, I think this inefficiency is going to hurt buyers in the long run. Because the market value of minifigs is unstable. I certainly hope nobody is planning on retiring or paying for college with minifigs.

    Full disclosure – I actually sold off a lot of my minifigs last year. And now I kinda wish I hadn’t.

  7. Josh

    ^I see your point but I’m going to disagree with you in a friendly sort of way. While I see that you can argue that this arbitrage, I don’t think its a true case, which explains the resistance you mention. In Arbitage, there are two (or more) markets, if I’m not mistaken. In this case, there is really only the secondary market in which to get these figs seperately. It might help to think of buying the set as “wholesale” and the secondary market as “retail”, strictly as an example in this case. Those willing to shell out the cash for “wholesale” lots (ie. sets) can realize a substantial profit if they break it up and sell the more valuable pieces (minifigs) at “retail”. I realize the analogy isn’t perfect.

    I think the thing that actually explains the difference between SW fig prices and other themes is the fact that there are two demographics who want the SW figs, rather than just one who want the other Lego themes. Starwars collectors, who may not be Lego collectors otherwise, want those figs and are willing to pay higher prices. This is annoying to the general Lego collector who wants the cool parts but doesn’t want to compete with SW fans. To me, this is the simplest explanation for the price differential and explains why the price of SW figs currently continues to rise, rather than flatten out or drop.

    The other fact to consider is that Lego SW sets are priced at a higher price-per-piece ratio than sets in other themes. This will also drive up the price of SW pieces and figs.

  8. Brickwares

    The ultimate power in the minifig price market on Bricklink lies squarely in the hands of TLG. If they ever decided that Kit Fistos were going for too much, they could simply run a line of the minifig and sell them at Shop@Home.

    Also, is anyone sure that the Kit Fistos are moving at that price? There’s some postings, but can anyone confirm actual sales?

    This is NOT a cheap ploy to convince TLG to re-release the Batman line, which has become insanely overpriced.

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