First pictures of upcoming LEGO Harry Potter sets at Toy Fair 2010 [News] has detailed pictures of the upcoming Harry Potter sets for late 2010. Although you won’t be getting four Snapes in 4737 Quidditch Match, you can count on expanding your collection of Harry Potter minifigs with popular characters such as Ginny Weasley in the non-existent burning of 4840 The Burrow and Luna Lovegood with her Spectrespec glasses in 4841 Hogwarts Express. Check out more pictures in the gallery to see what all is new.

Click here for more new pictures from the other themes.

14 comments on “First pictures of upcoming LEGO Harry Potter sets at Toy Fair 2010 [News]

  1. Mainman

    Isn’t Toy Fair a pretty big event? I’m amazed they didn’t hire at least a semi-professional photographer to take photos for their website. Some of them are extremely blurry.

    Anyhow, I’m happy (if a tad surprised) to see that Power Miners will be continuing.

  2. Creative Anarchy

    Yeah! More Sand Green. I was feeling hugely ripped off that these sets just stopped right when I started trying to get a decent amount of that color. Also another shot to pick up more of those creepy little elf heads relatively cheaply. I’ll have to see how badly I want to have a collection of them.

  3. Andrew

    @TheBrickster: Any reason discussing these here isn’t good enough? Maybe I’m just annoyed by the double post (probably a technical glitch and not your fault), but I’m sure there are dozens of LEGO fan communities out there on the Web where “good discussions” are taking place. Eurobricks doesn’t need the publicity more than any others.

  4. TheBrickster

    Sorry for the double post – this site does not allow deletion or edit after posting (which was accidental due to a delay after clicking SUBMIT). I’m not an EB admin; but since you ask, I find it very interesting that shorly after images are front-paged on Eurobricks or, they are highlighted by Brothers Brick. While EB was certainly not the originator of the photos, this seems to happen quite a bit. Rather than make an issue of it (in case it was just a coincidence), I provided a link to a discussion that was in progress. Community forums seem to create more discussion than blog sites, as they have forums specific to a given theme. I’m sorry if my post/link annoyed you.

  5. David4

    Because the people who run Eurobricks have no lives and happen to see it first?

    The designs are lacking to be nice, the pieces inside the buildings are really nice.

  6. Josh

    @Brickster – You find it “interesting”? What are you implying? That we get our information from a variety of sites on the internet, just like other people? Guilty as charged. We do not have some mysterious, inside source at Lego.

    Does Eurobricks beat us to the punch on a regular basis? Yes. Do I have a problem with that? No. That is what they are known for and they are good at it. I actually expect it.

    Honestly, I seldom visit many of the forums at all. I get my information elsewhere. I simply don’t have the time. I am an Admin at Classic-Castle, but besides that one, I’m too busy.

    As for discussions, there are tons of them going on. Classic-Castle happens to have a thread discussing all the Toy Fair pics. I’m sure the other major forums do as well. I expect people will go to the forums when they want to discuss things in depth. I see no reason to post links to every discussion related to the things we post. We have sidebar links to the forums for that.

  7. David4

    Frankly Josh I don’t come here for the news anyways, I come here to look at what you like that people have made. That blue dragon head thing is awesome, I would have never seen it otherwise. If my internet wasn’t so slow today I would say that there.

    I like when you post the news, late or not, so that way us here can discuss it too.

  8. TheBrickster

    Andrew/Josh: my apologies. I’ve given this discussion some thought, and I don’t think my comment(s) were very neighborly. TBB is a great site and I enjoy visiting here to see all the fantastic MOCs from the LEGO community, as well as news that you post. I certainly think there’s enough news/information that we can both share with the community. Sorry if I implied otherwise.

  9. Siegfried

    These sets are a surprise to me! I expected new sets sure, but only small ones; not a whole line! While I’m not a Harry Potter fan, I love the sets!

    @Josh & Andrew:

    Sorry about that. While I can’t speak for TheBrickster I can say (as an EB admin) that we do realise that there is only so much news to go around and that even if one site posts something before another it in no way means that the latter site “stole” it. These things happen. When posting news/MOCs I certainly don’t quote every site that beat us, especially since I often don’t know as I have better things to do that check. I only post where I found it, which is common internet courtesy.

    You guys have linked to us plenty of times, as have we to you. My preference is for a LEGO community that works together. Afterall, you’re one of the few sites that we link to on our frontpage, and from a personal point of view, my favourite LEGO blog.

    Sorry again for any mis-understandings.

    Andrew “Siegfried” Glina

    (If you want to discuss this further you have my EMail!)

  10. Dragonator

    I must say, these new sets do look much better than some of the previous HP sets, to my eye at least. I’ve never bought any of the previous sets, but I may be tempted by one or two of these. Th castle looks pretty good from what I can see in the above picture.

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