Conquering Atlantis

In this two-for-one post (and an excuse to blog my own creation), I highlight two new ways of having your way in the underwater world of LEGO Atlantis. First, my Harpoon Hunter is a combat mecha to fend off the guardians of Atlantis. The model was a result of my desire to test an incredibly useful joint technique I recently learned.

Next, Moritz Nolting (nolnet) depicts a vicious hunting vessel chasing a mersquid (the fusion of a mermaid and a squidman). I’m happy to see that we both agree on the use of certain plant life for the seabed, but Moritz’s view of the flora and fauna is obvious more fertile than mine.

4 comments on “Conquering Atlantis

  1. LegoLyons

    I think blogging your own creations should be banned. ;)
    Love the Mersquid concept , and the Harpoon Hunter looks great, liking the joint technique

  2. dover

    ^^ i can understand where you’re coming from with that, but I think that it comes off just fine when a blogger’s creation is posted alongside someone else’s. Adds to that sense of community.

  3. LegoLyons

    I was only joking, I love Nannan’s creations.
    I’m glad he blogged it as I would of missed it otherwise.
    Wish i was talented enough to get recruited. =-)

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